We’re super excited to offer you something a bit different this month. The prolonged physical and mental stress of the last 19 months (seems like years) has shown us a prominent pattern of how the body copes.

Many of us have slid into some bad habits, our diet not as focused as it once was (it’s easy to snack when you’re home all day), we move less because we don’t have to go out as much, we also seem to drink more often or have a treat to help soothe the chaos of the day, eventually, every one of us has started to feel the effects of this.

Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s an extra few pounds that has made a permanent home on your waistline, your joints hurt a little more, you feel sluggish and tired each morning, you feel bloated or have indigestionsleep is meh, you exercise, but don’t feel the benefits like you used to, you have more moments of anxiety or feeling blue, and hormones seem to be up and down.

You may have had some recent blood tests and the results are less than stellar (cholesterol and triglycerides are upwhite blood cell count is downblood sugar levels are rising and maybe there’s other signs of inflammation as well).

If this is you, or if you can even relate to one or two of these things, you are not alone, and hopefully this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to help get you going in the right direction. Let’s get out of this funk together!

The 7-Day Reset Detox

We have been running our 7-Day Detox program for awhile now, but we are super excited to share that we now have our very own specially formulated detox powder, Cleanse and Restore, to help you along the way. This rice-based protein powder has enough protein in one serving to act as a meal, but also includes all the nutrients of a high-potency multivitamin, augmented with specific nutrients to promote liver functiondecrease inflammation and boost antioxidants. Basically, you will be supersaturating your body with all the things that it needs to function at a higher level. We have both tried the powder and it tastes good, a light vanilla flavour and it’s not gritty like typical rice protein. Our stock is limited, so be sure to sign up soon if you are thinking about doing this cleanse.

The program is super simple to follow, the whole program will start with a grocery list of allowable foods and recipes to get you started, we will coach you along the way with daily emails and inspiration recipes as you go. The plan is to take a scoop of the protein powder three times a day and consume only green vegetables that grow above the ground. This may be modified to accommodate meat protein in addition to the protein powder.

Want to track your progress and have measurable results? Book in for 15 min pre and post program visits where we will do your measurements, body composition, and recommend any extra supports you may need. 

Using the powder or not, the 7-Day Detox program is fantastic way to rapidly jumpstart you back into healthier habits, get you off the sugar train and boost your mood, energy and digestion, plus most people report losing 5- 10lbs in the process too! 

If you’ve been contemplating a food elimination diet, this a great way to get going and we’ll even explain how to re-introduce food afterwards to help you discover some of your food sensitivities. These changes will help to keep the momentum going this winter. Happy Fall!

Stay Healthy,
Dr. Rebecca Sagan, ND and Dr. Hajnalka Pinter, ND