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All disease starts in the gut, but all health starts in the gut too.

The world of knowledge around the microbiome is absolutely exploding and becoming one of the hottest areas for health research. Everyday we are learning how the presence or absence of certain types of bacteria, fungus or viruses are creating or conquering different diseases. If you’re experiencing an autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, skin issues like; acne, psoriasis, eczema, or hives, you need to look deeper and figure out what is at the core of your condition. If you’ve had a change in your mood, experienced depression, or there are issues with ADHD or Autism, we need to look at your gut for clues as to what is going in on with your health. Or, perhaps the issue is simply that your muffin top will just not go away, again you need to start looking at your gut for answers.

Sometimes the signs of gut imbalances are obvious; you’ve got gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, but sometimes these signs are not there and all we see is bad skin, crazy hormone cycles or a sluggish metabolism.


Where do you start?

It sounds silly, but to some extent, you are what you eat. Looking at food is a great first step, but can see overwhelming. “I eat everything, I don’t know what bothers me.” This is where we can use lab testing to simplify the food puzzle, we can test to see what foods you react to on an immune system level, we can remove those foods that are causing inflammation and imbalance and see the difference quickly by how your body responds, without doing a lot of guess work.

After those trigger foods are out of your system, we can look deeper. What is living in your intestines, what types of bacteria do you have or don’t you have? Sometimes, the presence of a disease can be due to the absence of bacteria, not just an infection. Microbiome research on centenarians has shown that there are a few key species that exisit in those with longevity; knowing if you have these bacteria can indicate long-term health. We have the ability to test for many bacterial and fungal species and then utilize this information to grow your bacterial garden towards one of great health!

Diet changes can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! As Naturopathic Doctors we are experts in specialized diets to address numerous health conditions and specific food sensitivities. At this point in our careers, we’ve seen so many issues that we’ll have tips and tricks to help your navigate your way through all the issues as easily as possible.

Customized Diet Plans

We are also are able to create customized diet plans to help show you
exactly what to eat! This is awesome when you’ve been told you’re sensitive to
gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar!

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