The Naturally Good Health Clinic

The goal of Naturopathic Medicine is to enhance health, prevent illness and treat disease.

Detox Program

We offer one week to 3 month detox programs to get your body functioning optimally.


Adrenal Energy Boost Program

Boost energy levels and recover from fatigue, this program will have you improving within 3 weeks, full recovery within 6 months.

Digestive Health Program

Heal your gut and recover from IBS, IBD,
intestinal permeability and food sensitivities.


Thyroid Program

Find the root cause of your thyroid dysfunction, lab testing, diet, lifestyle, gut healing will all be addressed.


Genetic Optimizing Program

Learn how to eat, supplement and overcome your genetic deficiencies. Genetic testing through 23andme or another source is necessary.

Child Wellness Program

Help your child have a head start by optimizing nutrition, learning what to avoid, when to introduce foods, and what to do when your child gets sick.

Prenatal and Pregnancy Care Program

If you’re 6-12 months away from  thinking about having a baby, get your body ready, cord blood analysis has shown that new borns have been exposed to over 200 chemicals before they’re even born, let’s make sure that your body is detoxed and ready to have the best pregnancy possible.

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