Naturopathic medicine is covered by most extended healthcare plans; it is not covered by Alberta healthcare at this time.

We do direct bill to many insurance companies, please ask us if your insurance company is one we can bill to at this time.

Initial Naturopathic Visit
Consultation & Examination
Initial Recommendations
(1.5 hr)$195
Initial Visit Child(1 hr)$150
Initial Bowen Therapy Visit$125
Regular Visit
Time to revise treatment program
Monitor response to current treatment
Follow-up Bowen treatment
(30 min)$89
Acupuncture Initial Visit(1 hr)$150
Acupuncture Follow-up visit
(30 min)$89
Salivary Hormone Testing$250 - $350
Food Sensitivity Testing$285 - $600
Urine Hormone Metabolite Testing$350
In-Office Urinalysis$10 - $50
Thyroid Hormone Blood Testing$65 - $110
Microbiome/Stool testing$550 - $750