It’s spring! There is no better time of the year to focus on regeneration and renewal than spring.
For our bodies, now is when we want to push our detox pathways and clean out the
sluggishness in our bowels and liver. In short, it’s time to CLEANSE.

Have you ever done a spring reset? With a Reset we remove all the junkie stuff from our diet; no
processed foods, no sugar, no refined oils, no artificial sweeteners.

Next, we support the detox pathways through the liver, this is achieved with specific herbs,
amino acids and nutrients that can upregulate this function in the body. The digestive tract
should have good stimulation of stomach acid to breakdown our food, followed by stimulation of
the intestines to move food along and out the other end.

When all these steps are working together, your body is like a well oiled machine– it absorbs,
breaks down and excretes perfectly. Honestly, we should be like this everyday, but sometimes
things happen and all of a sudden, things don’t move like they used to.

Have no fear, spring is here and we are ready to help you get back in the groove!

Why detox this spring?

● Clear out the COVID bad habits
● Reset a healthy rhythm
● Improve digestion
● Enhance liver function
● Reduce seasonal allergies
● Weight loss
● Better sleep
● Set a goal and achieve it!

What is this Reset Program like?

This month we have a fantastic detox protocol for you, it is so simple because there is very little
cooking, you’re actually drinking two shakes a day, and eating one healthy meal with protein and

We have both completed many cleanses, however, Dr. Sagan specifically tried this one out and
this is what she had to say. “I did this cleanse in the fall for 14 days and it was great. I thought it
would be hard to not eat the same thing as my family, but it really wasn’t. I thought it would be
hard to go for 14 days, but the plan was so simple that it didn’t feel like that much work. I found
it easy to add fruits and vegetables to my blender and I didn’t have to spend much on groceries
because most of my protein from the day was in the shakes”.

You can even add cocoa powder to some smoothies to make it taste like dessert. There is an
App to help remind you of water intake and to give you ideas of what to eat at meal times and
snacks. You can also track your food, water and exercise (by syncing with your smart watch).
The App really helps keep you accountable and provides support.

After 14 days, you will feel lighter in your belly, clearer in your mind and you will feel the sense
of accomplishment that comes with finishing a program.

Stay Healthy,
Dr. Rebecca Sagan, ND and Dr. Hajnalka Pinter, ND