The Jumpstart your Thyroid program was just the boost of information that I needed! The videos felt like I was sitting with Dr. Sagan in her office, listening to her calm voice – I have always wanted to have a reference so that I could remember all that we discussed. There are so many great tips in the videos and in the workbook; I will go back to use the materials often.

As I made my way through the modules, with each weekly email prompt, I realized that I still go back to old ways of thinking. For example, when I want to lose weight, I make a ‘rookie mistake’ to overdo my exercise and try to drastically reduce my calories. But that is not always effective, I also need to consider other factors with my thyroid. Another example that I had discussed many times with Dr. Sagan is to clear out the toxins in my home. I had already taken several steps, but had forgotten over the years why that was important, and a few harmful things had slipped back in. It felt good to have the reinforcement that I have been doing the right things to care for my health!

                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Jacquie Clarke, patient of Dr. Sagan for 15 years