The Jumpstart your Thyroid program was just the boost of information that I needed! The videos felt like I was sitting with Dr. Sagan in her office, listening to her calm voice – I have always wanted to have a reference so that I could remember all that we discussed. There are so many great tips in the videos and in the workbook; I will go back to use the materials often.

As I made my way through the modules, with each weekly email prompt, I realized that I still go back to old ways of thinking. For example, when I want to lose weight, I make a ‘rookie mistake’ to overdo my exercise and try to drastically reduce my calories. But that is not always effective, I also need to consider other factors with my thyroid. Another example that I had discussed many times with Dr. Sagan is to clear out the toxins in my home. I had already taken several steps, but had forgotten over the years why that was important, and a few harmful things had slipped back in. It felt good to have the reinforcement that I have been doing the right things to care for my health!

                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Jacquie Clarke, patient of Dr. Sagan for 15 years


My first 8 years of having MS I was taking all the drugs my doctor and neurologist recommended. My doses of steroids were continuously and drastically increasing and I was told I needed to move to injections for the rest of my life.  I decided to take a better route for me and my body.  In 2009 I met Dr. Sagan as it was time to see a naturopath, someone who could recommend diet, cleanses, vitamins and homeopathic remedies.  I have been drug free for 17 years and am so thankful to have Rebecca in my life. Now she helps me sleep better, hot flash less, be less moody and calm down the heart palpitations!

Jane McMahon

“Hi Rebecca,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my surgery.

I had the surgery last Tuesday (July 10) and although I have had a couple up and down days everything has gone extremely well.

I have had minimal swelling and very little discomfort. My range of motion is great, I went to Physio on Monday and it is 110 degrees. The physio guy said usually on the first visit he just works with clients on getting around better on crutches but with myself I have started on the bike (no resistance) and strengthening exercises, etc.

I have been following your treatment plan diligently and firmly believe it has contributed immensely to my recovery.

I want to thank you again for setting this up for me and I have been telling everyone how great it is!!
Thanks again…”

Rick M.

“I started seeing Dr. Sagan just over a year ago. After just three appointments, I was feeling better than I had felt in years. I had been so tired all the time it was affecting my professional and personal life.During my first visit, Dr. Sagan put me on ThyroCare. I had all of the symptoms of a thyroid condition, but my blood test results were showing up negative. She also asked me to take and record my temperature several times a day for a week.

After recording my temperature for a week, Dr. Sagan discovered that my temperature was way below normal (98.9 degrees F). So, in addition to taking ThyroCare, she prescribed me to start taking AdrenalPx L-BP. My temperature quickly returned to normal.

I now take ThyroCare and AdrenalPx L-BP on a regular basis and I feel fantastic. After working all week, it is so nice to have the energy to be able to do the things which I enjoy doing on the weekends.”


“Dr. Sagan is friendly. caring, knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate that my concerns are listened to carefully; then appropriate steps taken to remedy the basic cause/condition– rather than just the symptoms. The UNDA line of remedies has been very successful in treating the migraines that have plagued me for 50 years. Now we’re working on insomnia. :)”